Private Lessons

Adult and Junior Private Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Private lessons offer greater personal attention to your skiing or snowboarding, and give you the flexibility of arranging them at times that are convenient to you. Our fully trained instructors will help you take your first steps towards the mountains, a fun and rewarding experience.

1/2 Hour Junior Private Lessons (up to 8yrs only)

1 person £18
2 persons £15 each

Hour Junior Private Lesson (9 to 16yrs only)

1 person £24
2 persons £18 each
3 persons £16 each
4 persons £15 each

1 Hour Adult Private Lesson

1 person £42
2 persons £30 each
3 persons £26 each
4 persons £24 each

1 Hour Family Private Lesson

Up to 2 adults and 3 juniors £80

Please note:
1. Full payment is required at time of booking any private lesson.
2. That for two or more persons a similar ability is required, otherwise the tuition will be based on the lesser standard. We recommend private tuition for younger children for snowboarding but please note there is a minimum age of 10 years old for snowboarding.
3. Please refer to the terms and conditions when making a booking. For more information please call 01778 347000

Private Lesson Offer

10% OFF if you book your next lesson the SAME DAY*

*subject to availability. Cannot be combined with any other discounted offer.