Boat Membership

Private boat membership for a leisure home owner is £805 and for non-home owners £1,800.

Boat Driving Courses

Please note that any person driving a boat at Tallington Lakes must hold an SBD2 (previously SBDA) Licence.

Tallington Lakes is an authorised RYA centre for powerboating courses. Powerboat courses:

RYA Powerboat Level 1 £160 1 day
RYA Powerboat Level 2 £160 1 day
Zero to Hero (RYA Level  1 & 2) £270 2 days
Zero to Hero (RYA Level  1 & 2) one-to-one £310 2 days
Safety Boat £200 2 days
Please contact the Watersports Centre for more information Tel : 01778 381151

Boat Yard Services

For all your boat maintenance needs please telephone reception 01778 347000 for details about our mechanic services; including our annual boat winterisation - all parts and labour costs £190.00 plus VAT.

A boat storage compound will be provided for members use during the summer at no charge. However a separate charge is made for winter storage of boats, trailers or both from the 1 October to 31 March in the workshop compound - current charges £165


LPG, is available from the storage tanks on Lake 2. Refills cost £30 for 30 litres.

Please contact a member of the waterski driving team for service. Payment in advance is required at Reception.

Lake Hire

Lake 2 may be booked on an hourly basis  (subject to availability) for your own use, whether for a private party or serious training time - its yours!

The cost to leisure home owners is £40 1 hour and all other members £60 1 hour

The cost to leisure home owners is £70 2 hour and all other members £100 2 hour

Boat Rules

Please be careful. Please think. Accidents can easily and quickly happen. Protect yourself and all other water users. Enjoy your time on the Lakes. If in doubt in any given situation whatsoever - STOP.
Please think:
  1. Children must be fully supervised at all times, in or out of, a boat.
  2. Any person using the Lakes or upon the water must wear a properly fitted buoyancy aid at all times.
  3. Water sports participants must be able to swim at least 25 metres.
  4. No craft shall be permitted on the water between 10pm, (or dusk, whichever is sooner), and 8am.
  5. Tallington Lakes do not undertake to provide a rescue service and the water is unsupervised.
  6. Water users should familiarise themselves with the location of first aid, life rings and public payphones.
  7. Recreational swimming is strictly prohibited on any Lake.
  8. All craft, (including ski boats, dinghies, sailing craft, windsurfers, jet skis, canoes), using the Lakes must prominently display their individual craft number, provided at the time of registration using self-adhesive vinyl numbers a minimum of 10cm, (4???), high. Numbers are available for purchase from Reception.
  9. All boat or water craft trailers using the Lakes must prominently display their individual boat number, provided at the time of registration using self-adhesive vinyl numbers a minimum of 10cm, (4???), high, (excepted for Temporary Launch Permits),
  10. Any towing vehicle must also have the craft registration number displayed in a tax disc holder, (excepted for Temporary Launch Permits).
  11. At all times water craft owners or users must have a copy of their Launch Permit with them whilst using any of the Lakes.
  12. Nobody under the age of 16 years of age may drive or control a boat on any Lake.
  13. All ski boats must have a competent observer.
  14. Any person in the water must not be taken aboard without always first turning off the engine.
  15. Ropes should be pulled in immediately where a skier or rider has fallen except when there are no other boats on the circuit, or in the vicinity.
  16. Once a skier has dropped off, the boat should then proceed out of the path of vessels looking to commence skiing and retrieve the line.
  17. Boats returning to a skier have priority over those starting off.
  18. Skiers should use and learn the BWSF approved signals.
  19. An arm shall be raised by the driver or crew when dropping a skier off to alert those waiting to set off as to their intentions.
  20. No one shall use the Lakes under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  21. Boat drivers shall not allow passengers to sit or ride on the boat’s deck, sides or bow, whilst the boat is in motion.
  22. Those launching boats shall have priority over those retrieving. There is no supervision provided, so you will use the Lake and slipway totally at your own risk. Launching is not permitted from the Sailing Centre, only the Main Launch Slipway may be used.
  23. Please show consideration for other ski boats, particularly if you are towing an inflatable.
  24. There shall be a minimum of two people in the boat when towing, unless the driver is a qualified BWSF instructor and only one boat is in use on the relevant Lake.
  25. Dangerous driving, bad behaviour or discourtesy must be immediately reported to Reception stating the boat number and full details of the incident together with any witnesses’ details.
  26. Tallington Lakes accept no liability whatsoever for damages to, or theft of or from boats. All boats must be stored in the boat park near the compound and it is recommended that an anti theft device is fitted to the trailer. Boats and towing vehicles must not be stored elsewhere in the Park.
  27. Ski boats must not venture into the Windsurf Lake, (Lake 3), unless in an emergency. The Windsurf Lake, (Lake 3), as well as Lake 2 are out of bounds to all boats except for leisure home License Holders where prior permission has been obtained in writing for access at low speeds only, for mooring purposes.
  28. Members slalom course for slalom skiing only, no wakebaording or inflatables.
  29. Power boats must always give way to sailing craft.
  30. No unauthorised craft are permitted at any time on Lake 1, (the Club Lake).
  31. No more than four boats are to be allowed to be in use on Lakes 4 and 5 at any one time.
  32. Ski boats must follow a clockwise rotation on all of the Lakes.
  33. No more than two boats are to be allowed to be in use on Lake 6, the slalom course, at any one time, skiers shall have a maximum of six passes or ten minutes, whichever happens first.
  34. The slalom course must never be used if there is a buoy missing, PLEASE FIX IT or REPORT IT to Reception. All damaged buoys shall be paid for at £10 per buoy.
  35. Before the Internet booking system is introduced and at busy times, each boat must complete no more than three laps of any Lake and then let another boat out if waiting.
  36. Any boat moving between any of the Lakes must always do so off the plane.
  37. All registered boat owners and their guests use the Lake and facilities at their own risk.
  38. A member who invites guests must inform them of these rules. If the guest does not agree to comply with The Rules, then they are not allowed on the Park.
  39. We reserve the right to ban or revoke a Launch Permit for any person and ask them to leave the Park without explanation. Any person banned shall not be entitled to any refund.
  40. The Lakes shall not be used for commercial activities, i.e. private ski lessons.
  41. If you inadvertently damage or break anything on the Park, you are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement in full.
  42. Tallington Lakes reserve the right to close any Lake or Lakes for any period of time and reasonable notice shall be provided where possible.
  43. Tallington Lakes, its management or staff cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss, damage of any property, valuables or equipment whilst on the premises. All items are left at the owner’s risk.
  44. Tallington Lakes shall not be responsible for injury or liable for any event resulting from the use of any of the facilities.
  45. Tallington Lakes makes no warranties as to the safety of The Rules or the Lakes, and accepts no liability whatsoever for any accident or injury or any other claim on us arising from your use of the Lakes and land and facilities.
  46. Tallington Lakes reserves the right to add, omit, change or alter any rule, rules or booking times at any time without notice. The right of interpretation as to the meaning of these rules is vested in Tallington Lakes. Its decision shall be final and binding.
  47. Please do take all your own litter and rubbish home. Boat drivers shall keep as far away as possible from any wildlife.
  48. The Rules and regulations have been compiled for your maximum enjoyment. If there is anything you do not understand or have difficulty in interpreting, please do not hesitate to ask.

Ski Boats - Registration & Launch Permit

  1. Any boat owner wishing to use the Lakes or book slots on the Lakes, (when the Internet booking system is introduced), will have to register and obtain an annual Launch Permit or a Temporary Registration & Launch Permits together with the cost of the Lake slots that you book, (when introduced with the Internet booking system).
  2. In order to register, all boat owners must provide an original and in-date Certificate of Insurance, (detailing adequate levels of cover – usually a minimum of £2 million of third party cover and £1 million for water skiing), together with their SBD2 (previously SBDA) certificate.
  3. All drivers shall be SBD2 qualified or under instruction. Under instruction is defined as having a qualified SBD2 holder as a crew, and also having booked to take the SBD2 at a defined future date. An SBD2 is only valid if membership is current of the BWSF.
  4. Registered owners will receive an electronic barrier card to gain automatic entry and exit to Tallington. There is a refundable deposit of £15 per card. All guests must pay £3 per vehicle at the entrance barrier.
  5. The boat owner must provide us with a list of their qualified drivers.
  6. The annual Launch Permit & Boat Registration runs from April 1st.