Water Skiing Beginners

Beginner’s – your first time is the most important and we make sure you get the best possible tuition and most enjoyable experience for your first time out on the water.

Our boat is equipped with a training boom on the side to ensure you learn to get up the right way. We also use a deep ‘V’ handle for those learning to get up on the one ski for the first time.

Beginner’s Day Courses

Water ski, wakeboard or kneeboard 3 sessions over one day, only £70

Beginner’s Three Day Courses

Zero to Hero Wakeboarder £200

Zero to Hero Water Ski £200

A three-day course with three tows a day aiming to get participants to a respectable level of competence. This course should leave participants in the know regarding channels and opportunities to get into the sport as well as the confidence to return and give it another go.