Contact Us

The park is open all year round, however, certain activities are seasonal and we would advise you to check beforehand. The reception/main office is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but enquiries can only be dealt with daily from 9.00am until 9.00pm.

Please note that the Ski Snowboard Centre, Climbing Wall, Watersports Centre, Water Ski & Wakeboard School and Pro Shop have different opening times for summer and winter. Please visit the relevant pages for full list of opening times.

There is a £5 entry fee (per vehicle) which is refunded when participating in an activity or visiting the Pro Shop.

Please telephone 01778 34 7000 or e-mail

How To Find Us

We are located at:
Stamford Road Tallington Lincolnshire, PE9 4RN

New Entrance

We have a stunning new entrance off the Stamford Road (A1175) which uses vehicle registration plate identification. Please follow the instructions:

• On arrival to the park please proceed down the drive to the STOP sign
• Wait for any vehicles in front to pass through the barrier and wait for the barrier to fully close
• Proceed forward for the camera to read your vehicle registration
• Wait for the display to direct you to the correct lane
• If lane 1, the barrier will open, please drive through
• If lane 2, please press the buzzer on the intercom for assistance to gain entry to the park

If there is a queue at the STOP sign please be patient and wait your turn.