Inflatables - Banana Boat Rides

Loads of fun and so easy all you need to do is hang on! Fast and furious or slow and sedate, our drivers will take you at your pace. Lots of fun, thrills and spills; can you handle it?

Banana Boat Rides - Apr to Oct

Banana rides can take up to five. Every rider is equipped with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet, and briefed before the thrilling ride begins.

£50 per 15 min session

Terms and Conditions Apply

All participants must complete a disclaimer before entering the water for the first time. Activity Disclaimer please click here.

All tows must be paid for in advance and cannot be refunded.

Cancellation or alteration of bookings must be provided with a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow transfer, or credit note. No refunds given.

By purchasing online tickets/making an online booking you agree to the rules of the park. You also agree to the Activities Venture Ltd Agreement Terms and Conditions, these are available to view on the website and can be directly supplied if requested.

Banana Boat Rides

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