Are you into snowboarding or skateboarding? Well then you’ll definitely be into wakeboarding!

You go along sideways, like your riding a snowboard, and the aim is to use the ‘wake’ the boat makes, as it goes along, to jump and throw tricks. Equally fun is wakesurfing and wakeskating.

Here at Tallington Lakes we have lake 2 specifically for wakeboarding with two wakeboard boats: the Super Air Nautique G25 and Air Nautique. The position of the lake and the surroundings provide excellent conditions for riders of all abilities.

All participants must complete a disclaimer before entering the water for the first time. Activity Disclaimer please click here.

Please note: cancellation or alteration of bookings must be provided with a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow transfer, or credit note. No refunds given.

Wakeboard Wake Surfing Tow Price

Air Nautique

15 min/6 pass tow on lake 2 member £17.50 non-member £27

Students (mid week only)* £25

*proof of age must be shown with NUS card

Super Air Nautique G23

15 min/6 pass tow on lake 2 member £25 non-member £35

Coaching Tow Price

Air Nautique

15 min/6 pass coaching tow member £20 non-member £30

Terms and Conditions apply:
  • weekend passes are non transferable and must be used from Friday midday through to Monday evening.
  • tows must be paid for in advance and cannot be refunded.
  • cancellation or alteration of bookings must be provided with a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow transfer, or credit note. No refunds given.
  • members will get preference on their preferred lake, which must be stated at the time of booking.
  • if you’re late, we won’t wait.
  • ID will need to be provided for all members purchasing a family discount card. Children up to 16 years old.
Boat and Driver Hire

1hr £100 to £150

Lake Hire

1hr £40 member / 2hrs £70 member

Boat Gas

Refill £35 for 30 litres.

Wakeboard Membership

Our membership includes the following:

  • 10 free tows
  • reduced rate tows for the season @ £15 for 15min/6 passes on lake 2
  • 10% discount card for Pro Shop
  • early season promotions on the latest kit including exclusive pre season orders
  • access card for the site (£15 deposit applies)
  • preference on lake 1 or 2
  • discount on training courses and coaching
  • use of equipment storage facilities
  • usage of weekend blackboard booking system
Terms and conditions apply.
  • The membership lasts 1 year and run from the 1st April to 31st March the following year.
  • Members may use the swimming pool changing area.
  • In case of cancellations, 48 hours notice is needed to be given otherwise you will be charged.
  • All tows are 12 minutes on Lake 1 and 15 minute on Lake 2.
  • All we ask is please be on the dock ready with your ticket for the boat to come in.
  • Any further information can be collected from the main office at Tallington or call our Waterski & Wakeboard School on 01778 34 7000.
Adult membership


Junior (under 16) membership


Family membership includes 2 adults and 2 children



What about wakesurfing? Surf the boat’s wake on either a longboard, surfboard or skimboard whatever your style: a cruiser or trickster!

Why not give us a call 01778 34 7000 and give it a go!


What about wakeskating? Wakeskating is similar to wakeboarding however the board is slightly shorter and without bindings, this gives it a much more skateboard feel and enables you to do skateboard tricks.

The top surface of the board is covered like a skateboard with grip tape or ribbed foam to provide some friction for the rider; and similar to skateboarding riders will pop tricks off the wake.

Why not give us a call 01778 34 7000 and give it a go!


Do you fancy kneeboarding? It’s where you are towed on a buoyant board, at a planing speed, behind a speed boat. Usually the rider sits on their heels on the board, and secures themselves to the deck with an adjustable strap over their thighs. Just like water skiing or wakeboarding you hang onto a tow-rope attached to a speed boat.

This is ideal for those who are still a little bit apprehensive to go out and try water skiing or wakeboarding for the first time; but still want to experience the feeling of being towed by a boat. Our kneeboards have a handle hook on the front which makes getting up and going along easier than ever.

Why not give us a call 01778 34 7000 and give it a go!

Wakeboarding Kneeboarding Beginners

Beginner’s – your first time is the most important and we make sure you get the best possible tuition and most enjoyable experience for your first time out on the water.

Our boat is equipped with a training boom on the side to ensure you learn to get up the right way. We also use a deep ‘V’ handle for those learning to get up on the wakeboard or kneeboard for the first time.

Beginner's Day Courses

Water ski, wakeboard or kneeboard 3 sessions over one day, only £75

Beginner's Three Day Courses

Zero to Hero Wakeboarder £200
Zero to Hero Water Ski £200

A three-day course with three tows a day aiming to get participants to a respectable level of competence. This course should leave participants in the know regarding channels and opportunities to get into the sport as well as the confidence to return and give it another go.