Fishing Lake

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently expanded our offerings by acquiring the adjacent lake and existing fishing business. This exciting development allows us to provide yet another activity here at Tallington Lakes by continuing the use of the existing fishing swims for our visitors.

The Lake

Situated adjacent to Reception and stone’s throw from the Bar and Restaurant, this seven-acre lake has always been renowned for both the quality and quantity of stock and will cater for every type of still-water angler: pleasure, match, specialist, novice or expert.

Just some of the highlights include:

  • Carp up to and exceeding 40lbs
  • Double figure Tench and Bream
  • Double figure Pike
  • Large Perch and Roach
  • Amenities
  • Refreshments and hot food available from the onsite Bar & Restaurant
  • Bait and tackle for sale on site
  • Shower block use
  • 24hr on site security

Fishing Prices

Day-Ticket Specimen Lake. Enjoy the ultimate fishing experience with our day-ticket specimen lake, now offering night fishing as well.

Hours One Rod Two Rods
Half day (6 Hours) £7.50 £10.00
Full Day (12 Hours) £10.00 £15.00
24-Hours £30.00 £30.00
Extra Rod £2.50
What Baits Work Well

When it comes to baits and techniques, again almost anything goes. Whilst most anglers going for the carp tend to use hair-rigged boilies fished to the central area of the lake or along the bank to pick up patrolling fish, others go for a straightforward waggler using baits as small as single or double maggot.

Many anglers opt for both ledger and waggler options, fishing hair-rigged boilies, clusters of sweetcorn or larger pellets on one rod and soft hooker pellets, maggots, sweetcorn or worm closer in on the waggler with the other rod.

When targeting the tench and bream, baiting up with coarse fish pellets, groundbait and hook samples is a popular technique, fishing over the bed of groundbait with a bunch of four or five maggots, worm, pieces of sweetcorn, bread-based baits, soft hooker pellets or casters, casters and worm expected to be most effective in winter.



Whilst walk-ins are welcomed, we would advise booking in advance by ringing 01778 347000 to ensure we have availability.
Bookings accepted in the format of 6/12/24/48/72/96 hour sessions.

Please Note:
Fishing/booking times are for the “night” and include from 1pm the day before and up till to 1pm the day after. Your time of arrival is 1pm and departure is 1 pm on your departure day, in other words, if you want to fish say Friday night that is what you book and it includes from 1pm Friday to 1pm Saturday.
Changeover time is 1pm. Please vacate the swim by 1pm prompt to allow the next person to set up.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

Please note that all anglers must hold a valid EA fishing license to fish in our lake.
There is no new start fishing admission for day ticket waters after 2:00pm.
All day ticket anglers need to stop fishing at 5.00pm sharp and exit by 5.30pm.
All rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided.
All other site rules must be adhered to.